Albuquerque Metro Driver Safety (Driver Improvement/Defensive Driving) Course

HEALTH UPDATE:  Due to the continued concern of the spread of COVID-19 we will be suspending in-person classes.  Please check out our online courses.

Online course fees for Metro Court are as follows: Driver Improvement/Safety 6 hour course- $40, 8 hour course- $60, Aggressive Driving 8 hour course $80. (Please be sure to state specific course title and hours on the Registration Form below)

The TSF is happy to announce that we now offer in-person Defensive Driving courses in Albuquerque.  This course is jam packed with information pertaining to the state requirements for traffic safety, defensive driving, and traffic norm violations.  Whether you are court ordered, MVD ordered, or seeking an insurance discount- This course will meet your needs for both!  Price $50 (6 hour) and $70 for (8 hour) (Please call for class schedule.)

In-Person course Schedule: Call for next available virtual course date.   Please register for this course on the link below to confirm your spot.  Course does require at least 5 enrollments or it will be postponed.


Contact us for next available of future course date.

Please complete the registration form on our Registration Tab to confirm enrollment.