Driver Education Courses

We offer a comprehensive supplemental Driver Education Course to all US residents that want to learn more about driver’s education, or for individuals within a specific state that does not require Driver Education (see list below)!  This course can be taken in additional to your states required Driver Education Course to learn the Rules of the Road, Defensive Driving, Pedestrian Safety, DWI Awareness, Drowsy Driving Awareness, Distracted Driving, and Organ Donation.

Each state has a different requirement- we encourage you to find your states information at the link provided prior to enrolling in our program State DRED Requirements.

Our course will prepare you for the roadways and completion of the course will ensure that you are prepared to take any state required tests.

Check out our Resource Tab and this amazing link: Traffic and Road Sign Test!


Tennessee Online Driver Education Course- This course will provide a comprehensive break down of the Rules of the Road, Defensive Driving Techniques, Pedestrian Safety, Tennessee Roadway Norms, Distracted Driving Norms, and Organ Donation.  This course has been approved by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security ( for constituents that are seeking a hardship drivers license, tutorial on driver’s education (over the age of 16), or court ordered to attend a course.

Course Fee: $50

For more information on the process of a hardship license:

Click here for the TN Hardship Application


States that do not require Driver Education Classroom Programs:  Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado (at age 16.5 years), Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana (at age 16), Nebraska, New Jersey, Oklahoma (at age 16), Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wyoming, District of Columbia.

Each state has a Graduated Drivers Licenses process which can be reviewed from your states website or we can explain prior to enrollment of the course.